So, You Hate The Press? (Part 2)

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Edition: 022117b – Words: 1179 – Audio: 10:01

In part 1 I discussed four of the five points I was using to illustrate the media’s role in our country.  The idea was, and still is, to suggest an alternative thought approach toward this popular idea that the press, the media, whatever, is hell-bent on upsetting America to its own ends.  Here’s a quick review.

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So, You Hate The Press? (Part 1)

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Edition: 022117a – Words: 968 – Audio: 07:51

Every president since the beginning of this country has had some issues with the media. In some cases it’s outright disdain, like our current president.  Over the decades the polls have shown a gradual “discomfort” with the press from even the general public.  In general the press has been accused of being liberally biased, presenting

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Another Trump Injection Of His Drug Of Choice

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Edition: 021917 – Words: 769 – Audio: 06:27

Man of the hour.. Mr. Gene Huber.

Yesterday’s theatrics in Florida just continues to confound America while at the same time give him the fix he needs to make it another week in the White House.  The country is in a identity quandary, the White House is in some level of administrative chaos, Russia is testing us, ICE is rounding up the good, the bad, and the ugly

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…And Those Regular Press Conferences… Yikes!

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Edition: 021717 – Words: 685 – Audio: 06:40

“You know what it is? Here’s the thing. The public isn’t — you know, they read newspapers, they see television, they watch. They don’t know if it’s true or false because they’re not involved. I’m involved. I’ve been involved with this stuff all my life. But I’m involved. So I know when you’re telling the truth or when you’re not. I just see many, many untruthful things.”

Ladies and gentlemen.. our President of the United States.

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Those Embarrassing “Visiting Dignitary” Press Conferences

Edition: 021617 – Words: 482 – Audio: N/A

Trump with Japan’s Abe.

By now we all have a feel for Trump’s speeches or comments, or press conferences.  He pretty much says nothing of substance.  While we already know he has no gift of substantial oratory, he comes on as barely having knowledge enough to hedge a question properly.  Obviously he’s no Obama in his command of the language but he has NO depth-of-field on any subject.  In fact, the questions from the press are far more detailed and pointed

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Flynn’s Out. Does This Start The Spiral?

Edition: 021317 — Words: 346 — Audio:  N/A

Unfortunate, but it makes you wonder…

Flynn resigns.  Maybe this fellow wasn’t the best choice choice but the greater question is, what the HELL  is going on in the White House?

Maybe we can have a sense of that answer… it’s the Big Guy in charge.  Ultimately the buck ends with Trump.. even though he would never admit to that.  This is the first casualty of Trump’s ineptitude.  His bromance with Putin and Russia could end up being his “Watergate”, although it’s early yet to presume that.  But having witnessed these things in years past in various administrations this is how it starts… some seemingly innocuous event rises to the surface.

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Edition: 021217 — Words: 1014 — Audio: N/A

Some of you readers might have followed me over at Doug’s BoomerRants and are now over here seeing, “What’s this guy up to now?”.  Perhaps some of you are brand new to following me at all.  I have to guess that some of you reading this don’t want to be here to begin with, because it’s just another (of many) anti-Trump blogs and you’re either tired of politics or think anyone anti-Trump has been poisoned by liberal ideology.  BUT… regardless why

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