Month: February 2017

It’s Not Just Democrats; BOTH Parties Are A Mess! Click Here For Optional Download Edition: 022517 – Words: 813 – Audio: 07:44 As this is being written the democrats have elected a new committee chairman, former Obama Labor Secretary, Tom Perez, and everyone seems… united?   I suppose all that will come true or not as time and events unfold.  But what’s been nagging at me is all this bally-who about the Dems being in such disarray after Trump’s win and the subsequent losses in congressional seats and governorships. It wasn’t that long ago when the polls heading into the election were predicting a Democratic win and the...

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IF I WERE PRESIDENT: My Platform Click Here For Optional Audio Download Edition: 022417P – Words: 864 – Audio: 06:53 Reality Disclaimer – The following is fiction, presented to illustrate that even an average guy can do better than Trump as president, and in no way constitutes my desire to run for any public office of any kind. As I we begin my imaginary trip, IF I WERE PRESIDENT…, I thought I should start with the setting of my imaginary platform; the road map to place me in a position to carry out my campaign promises. My Platform Promoting faith in government by supporting truth, justice, and the American way.   My presidency would start with a return toward re-establishing the respect and dignity of the office of the president; the return to being presidential in the traditional sense, in order to return prestige to the office, credibility of the office, and bring back presidential decorum that will make all Americans proud of their leadership.  I would also conduct foreign affairs using solid direction, purposeful dialog, respect for all nations, assertive and determined diplomacy, all the while promoting American ideals and democracy; using our economic might to contribute globally while assuring domestic prosperity for all Americans,  and use our nation’s military prowess to assure the defense of peace and democracy for ourselves and our friends and allies. My cabinet will include people who believe in their...

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So, You Hate The Press? (Part 2) Click Here For Audio Download Option Edition: 022117b – Words: 1179 – Audio: 10:01 In part 1 I discussed four of the five points I was using to illustrate the media’s role in our country.  The idea was, and still is, to suggest an alternative thought approach toward this popular idea that the press, the media, whatever, is hell-bent on upsetting America to its own ends.  Here’s a quick review. Point 1: Does the press have an official mandate from somewhere to report the news accurately?  While the Constitution allows freedom of speech and the press there is no mention...

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So, You Hate The Press? (Part 1) Click Here For Optional Audio Download Edition: 022117a – Words: 968 – Audio: 07:51 Every president since the beginning of this country has had some issues with the media. In some cases it’s outright disdain, like our current president.  Over the decades the polls have shown a gradual “discomfort” with the press from even the general public.  In general the press has been accused of being liberally biased, presenting news as being less than factual (like fake news), and totally more concerned with ratings than reporting facts.  Yet the press continues to represent that so-called Fourth Estate in our democracy;...

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Another Trump Injection Of His Drug Of Choice Click Here For Audio Download Option Edition: 021917 – Words: 769 – Audio: 06:27 Yesterday’s theatrics in Florida just continues to confound America while at the same time give him the fix he needs to make it another week in the White House.  The country is in a identity quandary, the White House is in some level of administrative chaos, Russia is testing us, ICE is rounding up the good, the bad, and the ugly (according to Trump’s definition), the country is politically divisive, his favor-ability is at 38% according to Gallup, one can only sense the problems just gurgling under...

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