Month: March 2017

Media Literacy – A Postscript Click Here For Optional Audio Download Edition: 032817 – Words: 1011 – Audio: 10:01 In my recent post regarding media literacy contributing to critical thinking I tried to explain about the viewer/listener perspective of news being mixed with opinion thus giving the impression of news bias.  In the last 24 hours, specifically as reported on CBS Sunday Morning, veteran journalist Ted Koppel verbally duked it out with Sean Hannity of Fox News. Ted Koppel, for those readers too young to recall, was the news anchor for the 25 year running “Nightline”, a program directly spawned from the Iranian Hostage Crisis...

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Using Your Head Over Emotion (or How To NOT Sound Like An “Ignorati” Idiot): Part 3 – Media Literacy Click Here For Optional Audio Download Edition: 032617c – Words: 1110 – Audio: 10:09 In Parts 1 and 2 I discussed the importance of critical thinking in forming political opinions in order to not sound like an ignorant idiot.  A close cousin is the idea of having some level of media literacy.  Ok.. let’s start with the definition of what exactly that means.  Essentially the following is a currently accepted definition… “Media literacy is the process of evaluating, analyzing, accessing and creating media by using critical thinking about the messages received. When people are media literate, they can understand and decipher...

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Using Your Head Over Emotion (or How To NOT Sound Like An “Ignorati” Idiot): Part 2 – Critical Thinking Click Here For Optional Audio Download Edition: 032617b – Words: 1390 – Audio: 11:16 This is what’s lacking and I am guessing there are people, maybe even reading this, that think they are a pinnacle of critical thought.  Um.. no.  Let’s start simple here… the definition of critical thinking… “…the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue to form a judgment.”   OBJECTIVE analysis. Just because a person has liberal views does that automatically make that person a godless, Constitution-destroying, socialist-commie-pinko, welfare-loving, Clinton-loving, conspiratorial, send-us-your-tired-your-poor refugee embracing, welcome-to-all-terrorists, gun-control-loving, piece of sh**?  Not sure I see a lot of critical...

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Using Your Head Over Emotion (or How To NOT Sound Like An “Ignorati” Idiot): Part 1 – Critical Thinking Click Here For Optional Audio Download Edition:  032617a – Words: 952 – Audio: 08:59 (NOTE:  I thank my blog buddy, chuq, over at In Saner Thought, for the introduction to the term. “Ignorati” .. . those ignorant of mental discipline.) The two subjects you stay away from in public is politics and religion.  We all know that.  We accept this because people, in general, are solid in their opinions and beliefs.  But while that is true, there are different reasons between the two subjects.  Beliefs are one thing; that’s usually between our inner selves and whatever entity we believe...

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Thank You For Those Encouraging Tweets, Mr. President!

THANK YOU FOR THOSE ENCOURAGING TWEETS, MR. PRESIDENT! (Yes, thanks bigly.) I mean, you might have said any one of the following… “Hang in there with Obamacare, America. We will take the time to create a new plan for all Americans!” “Let’s work together using Obamacare for now, and put together a new plan ALL Americans can afford.” “It’s not really a setback but a re-alignment of our efforts to now take the time for an even better plan for ALL Americans!” “We are Americans first and that means working together to create an even better plan! Looking forward to...

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