Month: April 2017

IF I WERE PRESIDENT: North Korea Click Here For Optional Audio Download Edition: 042917 – Words: 2554 – Audio: 17:52 NORTH KOREA A Lack Of Intelligence (sort of) – International diplomacy has many facets to it, most of which can include reviewing, analyzing, and evaluating intelligence that has been gathered from all the various sources.  Only a few people are privy to that kind of content, including the President.  For me or anyone else to formulate hard and fast policy (even if only armchair policy) without having had the opportunity to understand and interpret such intelligence might suggest a basic lack of comprehension of the entire reality.  But my series here on my imagining “If I Were President” regarding how I would solve a national issue, is simply my using informational sources available to the average person and combining it with my own common sense.  Anyone can do that.  Which is the whole issue of my series.. pretty much anyone with a basic comprehension for political critical thinking can do better than Trump in being president.  But I do acknowledge my “solutions” are simply pure speculation given I will not have the same access as a preisdent. My last post in this series was regarding my “solution” for working the Syria issue.  That is a very complex issue.  But I honestly do not think working with North Korea is any more complex, although the international threat...

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Trump’s Baseless Base Is Based On A Boomer Base? Click Here For Optional Audio Download Edition: 042817 – Words: 1441 – Audio: 11:27 There is a lot of discourse.. and there will be a lot of discourse in the years to come, regarding Trump’s political base and how loyal it appears to be in spite of the obvious abnormal antics of Trump himself.  Now that we are a couple days away from his first 100 days the media is already adding up the score.  A poll just coming out as this is being written illustrates that at the end of his first 100 days his overall popularity is...

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True Patriotism Does NOT Mean Liberalism or Conservatism… Or Being Of Sound Mind – PART TWO Click Here For Optional Audio Download Edition: 042217b – Words: 1301 – Audio: 09:32 Military Veterans Are No More Patriotic Than Any Other American – There is another thing that irks me… bigly… about far Right conservatism.  Why do they flaunt their military service (those who did serve) as somehow translating that to actionable patriotism?  Does your military service make your level of patriotism any more or less than any other non-serving American?  I’m a veteran myself.  But other than keeping faith to the pledge I made at time of induction well into my civilian life, I don’t wear it as...

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True Patriotism Does NOT Mean Liberalism or Conservatism… Or Being Of Sound Mind – PART ONE Click Here For Optional Audio Download Edition: 042217a – Words: 1232 – Audio: 11:00 Who The Heck Is This Adlai Stevenson? – In case you are young (or grossly ill-informed) and have no idea who that person is who made that quote, it was Adlai Stevenson II , former governor of Illinois, one-time presidential candidate, and former Ambassador to the UN under Kennedy (the position currently being held by Nikki Haley), during the Cuban Missile Crisis… and a democrat.  While he had a long and very influential career in politics and government service his most prominent role and the one most remembered...

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