Month: May 2017

Trump Fires FBI Director Comey??

TRUMP FIRED FBI DIRECTOR JAMES COMEY? The President strikes again… and maybe this begins the downfall. I am understanding that not since Nixon fired Special Watergate Prosecutor Archibald Cox in the middle of that investigation, October 20, 1973, has a U.S. president fired an FBI director in the middle of an investigation on his own administration. While this is surprising to much of the country this is also being fed by a publicly released letter from Trump to Comey saying “You’re fired.”, yet using as the reason that press conference way back in July, 2016 where Comey “treated Hillary Clinton badly”.  This is Nuts!  The candidate Trump thought what Comey did back then was great news! Boy.. this is not likely to clear up anytime soon and I can’t imagine Trump will just be able to deflect this in his usually way.  Trump is feeling the heat of the FBI investigation  and could very likely replace Comey with someone to slow down or redirect the investigation away from the White House.  This action has NO other reason.  The “Clinton” press conference back in 2016 is a smoke screen reason for Comey’s firing. Get this.. the Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe, has his own issues.  It seems his wife was connected to the Hillary Clinton campaign and Andrew did not recuse himself from the Clinton investigation.  This is from FOX. “A...

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What’s More Important… Flynn’s Faulty Security Clearance, Russian Hacking, Trump’s Role, Or My Vote? Click Here For Optional Audio Download Edition: 050917 – Words: 778 – Audio: 07:44 (I know I said I was was moving and had no time for this nonsense. -sigh-) This is another of those political subjects I am embarrassed to admit has got me a bit bonkers… in spite of the fact I generally think I can usually critical think something to death.  Ugh! I suppose in the greater picture we want justice to any of the dirty-doers who attempt to defraud our political system.  Also.. well… if it all leads to Trump somehow, that’s great.  But...

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The Alt-Right Has Forced Me To Move!!

Well, no.. the Alt-Right IS responsible for many of the nation’s issues as they relate to Trump.. but not for my moving.  Seems my current landlord wants to sell the home after 30 years (lucky me.. just when I come along).  Anyway.. we did find another home, a tad smaller and thus easier for the other half to maintain (according to HER set of cleanliness standards). Anyway, my only mention of this is to explain to my walloping 15 followers my limited postings and replies for the next couple weeks as I move out, repair the damage I have done (security cameras, cat 5 cable, ham radio antennas.. yada, yada), and then move into the new place.. and re-installing all that crap.  I’d like to say that when I return to active duty here I will be bigger and better.. but sadly.. not.  I will certainly be older and no wiser.  I can only imagine what the hell Trump will do (or not) inside the next two weeks. But rest assured the computer is the first thing to be installed and I will keep tabs on your...

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