BREAKING NEWS RANT – This Clown Never Stops!


So now Trump the Chump Tweets the accusation that Obama of wire tapping his Trump Tower residence.. has absolutely NO evidence to make such an accusation (but as you know, he never needs evidence), likely got his “information” from some “real news” authority nutjob talkradio schmuck, Mark Levin, sending the country into yet again another mystified spin into crazyland… making FBI boss Comey ask the boss-less Justice Department to refute Trump’s assertions, itself unprecedented.

James Clapper, Obama’s DNI and the man who knows the who, what, and where of all federal wiretaps, says there was NO Trump wiretaps.  Trump refuses to provide evidence.. and now he escapes answering questions using the “trumped up” excuse that since he has called for investigations that he now can’t comment.  (he is totally ignorant of politics.. so someone is feeding this strategy to him).

In the background of all this is the Russiagate crap spinning around.

(Trump is truly a reprehensible, idiotic, ignoramus.)

Add to his crap, North Korea is still engaged in amateur rocketry tests.. and God know who he’s testing in all this.

The international community is looking at us with bewilderment as to whether or not we are politically capable to live up to our various treaty responsibilities or even our day-to-day international policy diplomacy.  Everyone is confused and numb and is waiting so far.  But soon enough something is going to test the Trump administration.. no, they will be testing the patience of the American people.. and idiot Trump will be representing us.

This guy is an absolute idiot.. a world embarrassment… and does have some level of mental incapacity.  Ugh!

I cannot understand why Trump supporters were so disenchanted, disenfranchised, dysfunctional… enough to want some slob doing this to our country.  This has to do with some bizarre bastardization of someone’s idea of extreme right, white-backlash, patriotism.  

My last post was about the nuclear football.  I wonder what might happen if Trump perceives himself being pushed against some political wall.  What happens if he’s impeached.  The republicans always liked to quote Reagan.. Trump is acting way more like Nixon.  There was a point during the Nixon impeachment and resignation consideration where Nixon allegedly “joked” about nuking people.  Trump has nutcases like Bannon, who has a history of proclaiming that everything should be torn down to start over, working for him and having Trump’s ear.

His nonsense is not making America great one bit.  God help us all.



9 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS RANT – This Clown Never Stops!

  1. I see NK has fired a rocket into the Sea of Japan…..maybe it is time to pay attention, just a thought…..Trump supporters are too one dimensional….one of my fave quotes is…..”Let the stupid talk lets me know who the morons are” ( paraphrase)….have a good Monday….chuq

    • While we have the ability/technology to pretty much shoot down any missile that leaves the NK launch pad, one of the strategic concerns in doing that would be retaliation from all the NK artillery aimed at Soul, given that city is well within range. This means, before any missile is shot down as it leaves the pad we have to have a plan to neutralize the artillery as part of that strike, which in itself broadens the encounter. We definitely need China in all this.

      • Right now China has a hard on for NK….plus they are slowing down their military spending so I am told by a friend that works the Asian desk….we will need China but will Trump prevent that likelihood? chuq

  2. I would have thought that all presidential candidates are routinely wire tapped. The only thing that surprised me was the denial that it ever happens.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. To make a long story short — They are saying that Trump has no evidence. What they are not saying is that there might be some evidence. The FBI is not going to admit that it broke any laws. Clapper has been caught with his facts a little skewed before. The attacks on Trump by his enemies go on and on and they look for any little thing to smear him with. Nothing new here. Moving on. Which of our beloved National Government Agencies can be be confident has always told us the truth? Has the government ever lied before? Did Obama tell any lies? Did Bush tell any lies? Does a bear crap in the woods. Let’s not be too hasty to jump on the “Hate Trump” bandwagon. If they grant the investigation that Trump has requested then perhaps the truth will come out. Or … maybe it will be like the Benghazi Investigation and go on forever without anyone ever finding anything out at all. Or maybe it will go on and on like the investigations into the JFK assassination with nobody ever finding anything out at all. Or maybe it will go on and on like the conspiracy theories about whether or not the World Trade Center was imploded by demolition rather than by aircraft and in the end nobody knows any more than they knew when they started the investigations. This is nothing but more “Let’s do what we can to trip Trump up” and it is no more than anyone could expect from the intransigents who hate him so much. “Trump The Chump” happens to be the duly elected leader of the Free World and our President. That’s tough news for the sore losers who didn’t get to grab power but it is a fact and if we are going to have a country then we need to buckle down to being Americans united and forget all about our political disappointments and give the man what he needs to do the job he was elected to do. All this sour grapes crap is totally non-productive and should be stopped forthwith. Most of it is being agitated by foreign agents anyway. Has anybody ever thought about that? How convenient for some foreign enemy if they could cause Americans to become absolutely treasonous and hate their government to the point where the government cannot function … which is where they have led it to be almost as it is. This is not normal., There is something nefarious operating here and it is not the President!

    • So.. here’s my question then, John… when is our dear “President” going to quit the confrontational tweets and get on with being president? Why are all his tweets about “The world is picking on me.”? We all know he’s afraid of news conferences and hates the press but there’s truly far more important things in our world right now than his own sour grapes about alleged conspiracies by a former president, or those nasty liberals, or Hillary, who mattered not in keeping him from getting elected anyway? He won! Now shut up and be president! If he and Congress need a hobby and want to tackle convicting a former president… go for it and shut up. In the meantime lead the damn nation!

      Personally I think he just wants to dump as much crap on Congress to keep them busy and out of his way.

      Also.. one reason I don’t give all these conspiracies any attention is pretty much for one reason, John.. we are seeing Trump’s administration apparently leaking secrets like crazy. Even since the beginning of the country presidents have complained of leaks. Leaks are a way of life in D.C. Given that.. I have full faith and confidence that no conspiracies could be kept secret for very long.. and the Obama administration is no exception.

  4. His enemies will never allow him to lead the nation. They are intent on bringing him down and destroying the nation so they can take over and look like heros while they establishe their reign of tyranny.

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