Have We Drifted Into Some Sort Of Trumpian “Normalcy”?

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Just listen to the mainstream media and you will see just that “normalcy”in play.

Remember the “early” days just 80+ days ago when the reporters and talking heads were babbling daily on Trump’s less-than-presidential tweets, non-facts (and outright lies), whacky news conferences, continued campaign meanderings, and pompousness about great changes to come?  All that seems like decades ago when compared to his current performance, failures in meeting all those “day one” campaign promises, and those inevitable changes in world events (are we in his third year yet?).

Now the press is reporting that certain events have spawned reactions from Trump that many find as being “finally” presidential; that he’s learning while doing, and most recently some are acknowledging that his White House staff appointments (and dismissals, and transfers) have finally centered in an upright “mature” approach on policy.  Uh, huh… and I know where there’s a lost U.S. Navy “armada” roaming the Pacific I will sell you for cheap.

What ticks me off (not that me being ticked off about anything merits mentioning) is that in typical American fashion, we tend to “get used” to news, negative or positive; we want life to go on.. and we most certainly don’t want the status quo upset.  Sometimes this is translated into “Americans being forgiving” and it makes us sound benevolent toward human nature and our foibles.  In fact, most of this kind of thing is just that Americans get tired of listening/reading about the same thing for months on end… especially when there’s no resolution on the horizon.  I cannot accept that I am the only one understanding this.

Now, there’s the other side of the coin.  “Okay, Dougie-boy, I understand what you are saying… Trump is still incompetent even if we forgive and learn to accept his idiocy.  What are our options?”  That’s the rub.  Here’s some possibilities.

  1. On the long term there’s impeachment for malperformance or maybe impeachment if the FBI finds some Trump-Russian criminal hanky-panky.
  2. If the impeachment is for more judgmental issues like lack of performance, conduct unbecoming, maladministration, maybe a violation of the emoluments clause, there will likely not be much support from the needed Republican majority, unless the Dems end up the majority after the mid-term election a year or so down the road.
  3. If Trump gets charged with a crime or some cover-up thing if it involves his staff, that might be serious enough (in some Nixonian way) to get some Republicans to sway the vote to impeach. Again, much easier to do if the Dems win a majority in the mid term.
  4. Impeachment is a very time consuming and intensive process and truly keeps the country busy and off mission. It’s not quick.  Would Trump resign if impeachment was threatening, or would he resign if public opinion just made it totally impossible to do anything according to his plan?  My guess is that Trump would never resign without some fight.. and so far, he doesn’t give a tinker’s damn what public opinion is.  The one thing Trump lacks that someone like Nixon had to help motivate his resignation.. Nixon had a sensitivity to his place in history; how history would view his presidency.   To him, bringing the nation into a long drawn out impeachment process only to ultimately find himself removed from office in the end didn’t sit well with him.  Trump will fight to the last.. and he cares nothing about how history will perceive him or his presidency.
  5. Very likely the only thing that will remove Trump from office is voting him out of office at the end of his term. Rather disconcerting given we are already tired of him and it’s not been 100 days yet.

(My summary of the impeachment process HERE.)

So.. what can we do?  What is my blog here trying to do?  I think it’s maintaining a consciousness by continuing to draw attention to what he does and how he does it as being a result of his steadfast determination to be “Trump the businessman” and screw anyone who thinks otherwise.  He’s going to do it his way.  He’s in his seventies.. there is no “presidential learning curve” for this guy… and as a nation we should NEVER presume to think that the office of President of the United States and leader of the Free World should be occupied by anyone not capable of doing the job from Day One… and this includes being in character.  My entire issue with Trump is regarding his character.

For example, if you notice the press reports on the recent polls for pretty much everything Trumps does as president, as they would with any president.  Here’s a recent poll I heard today… 51% of the public favored Trump doing the Syria Tomo-bomb thing and the MOAB in Afghanistan.  So presumably Trump reads that, verbally thumps his chest, and thinks he’s doing the right thing and making America great again.

Well, wait a second here.  We all know Trump Tomahawked Syria as an impulsive move in seeing dead babies from an Assad gas attack.  There was no “Syrian policy” that dictated this move… and there still isn’t one at time of this writing!  The MOAB bomb in Afghanistan?  He didn’t even order that.  That was a strategic decision from theater command given it was a conventional weapon.  But even with that… other than a military operational plan, is there any sort of overall Afghanistan policy?  Nope.  Sooo… have all 51% of Americans who approve of these Trump actions thinking that Trump used some grand policy strategy.. or are they all just sitting at home and clapping their hands saying, “Yeah! Go Man!” without even thinking that any policy is needed at all?  Did 51% of Americans just want to see Trump blow the crap out of something or are they thinking this is some thought out Trumpian policy?

These are the things we need to keep banging away at, folks.  If some pollster called me on the phone (and that has never happened in my entire life) and asked if I favored Trump bombing Syria I would have said, “Well, if he has a Syrian policy that dictated this move as part of a plan, I could go along with the President.  If he’s just being impulsive I’m afraid that scares the crap out of me and no way in hell would I approve of his stupid action.”  Likely my response would fall into the far right column on their tally sheet, “disregard caller”.

Now we have North Korea posing the next threat.  There is no policy.  Seems Trump isn’t sure where the Navy is going.  The only “line in the sand” is apparently in his head.  Oh, yeah.  I trust this guy for sure.

As an American, I am making a stink because I am an American.  We can’t get complacent because we are weary.

Carry On, America.





8 thoughts on “Have We Drifted Into Some Sort Of Trumpian “Normalcy”?

  1. So, as an Englishman, I am making something of an educated guess here, Doug.
    Despite your compelling arguments, you are stuck with the man. It will only get worse, before it gets better. If it ever does get better.
    Hunker down, my friend, and ride out the storm.
    After all, who wants to live forever? (Not me…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • I fear you are correct, Pete. Interesting though the odd mood going around here in the Colonies. You’d not be in a position to observe it from your vantage point there, but people who are not even one bit interested in the political swing of the country are glued to the media now. In public it’s rare that anyone tips in their feeling of pro-Trump or anti-Trump, given opinions are so volatile.. and this long after an election when people just accept it and move on. This crap is lingering… although I hope not festering.

      One day we may end up on your shores asking for asylum.. or in the least begging for you Brits to take us back.. we will wear those damn wigs already.

  2. Doug, I have a draft to be published at the 100 day mark…..it is about impeachment and other assorted topics……seems he, Trump, gets approval after bombing something…..what does that say about our MSM? There is many that are gunning for him…we will see how far they are willoing to go…..good luck with the eyeball thingy….chuq

    • My eyeball thingy is being funded with your tax dollars, chuq. Thanks! 🙂
      Oh, by the way, your tax dollars paid for my erections… way back when that made a difference.
      Just trying to provide perspective… and be transparent. 🙂

        • Had cataract surgery on the left eye yesterday, Pete. (at government expense of course)
          Contrary to what you might hear, these things don’t always go well. Mine was the cataract from hell; a 2 min surgery took an hour and a half. Not fun one bit. BUT.. no pain, no gain, as they say. The end result is what matters. As the next week unfolds I should be able to see like Superman. Thanks.

          • I have been putting off cataract surgery for well over a year. My Mum had a disaster when hers were done, and was left almost blind. Since then I have heard other awful stories, and became really concerned about going ahead with it. But my eyesight is getting patchy at times, so it is inevitable. I hope it turns out well, and I look forward to hearing about your progress.
            Best wishes, Pete.

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