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Reality Disclaimer – The following is fiction, presented to illustrate that even an average guy can do better than Trump as president, and in no way constitutes my desire to run for any public office of any kind.

As I we begin my imaginary trip, IF I WERE PRESIDENT…, I thought I should start with the setting of my imaginary platform; the road map to place me in a position to carry out my campaign promises.

My Platform

Promoting faith in government by supporting truth, justice, and the American way.


My presidency would start with a return toward re-establishing the respect and dignity of the office of the president; the return to being presidential in the traditional sense, in order to return prestige to the office, credibility of the office, and bring back presidential decorum that will make all Americans proud of their leadership.  I would also conduct foreign affairs using solid direction, purposeful dialog, respect for all nations, assertive and determined diplomacy, all the while promoting American ideals and democracy; using our economic might to contribute globally while assuring domestic prosperity for all Americans,  and use our nation’s military prowess to assure the defense of peace and democracy for ourselves and our friends and allies.

My cabinet will include people who believe in their responsibilities, have a measure of talent and experience in the position for which they will be selected, assume organizational leadership for their departments, and are willing to communicate across party lines to aid Congress in legislation.  I will say up front, I am not a micro-manager.  I manage by informed delegation.  Running the country is not like running a business but managing a team to win applies in all situations.  My cabinet appointments will display, along with talent for the job and experience, a willingness to dialog with the press when needed and listening to Americans directly.  The business of running the government should not be completely open to the public because of the nature of confidentiality and national security in conducting that business.  Running the country is a public trust, not the brass ring after winning the election.  It will be part of my administration to encourage public awareness of how their executive government works, the agencies, departments, and general policies.

It will be my intent once arriving in office to visit each and every cabinet department in person, addressing their staffs, and becoming completely aware first hand of the role they play in our democracy.  I will visit our borders that we share with Mexico and Canada to understand first hand any problems or issues in maintaining our sovereignty and control of unauthorized entry or exit.  I will visit the Pentagon and other military installations as needed to present my unwavering support for their missions, salong with visits to our various intelligence agencies to encourage their team efforts and also convey my humble appreciation for their sacrifices.  I will also visit the Veterans Administration to better understand the problems with the processes in serving our veterans; working with Congress to enhance our care to those who served and sacrificed for our freedoms.  I will follow up each visit to these agencies with a report to the American people on how they can be proud of their agencies that exist to protect us and our way of life.

Every presidential candidate makes promises and the president is rightfully evaluated in the fulfillment of those promises.  Recognizing that, common sense suggests that a new president will be  confronted with the new ability to receive information that only the office is privy to, and as such, must take this additional information into consideration in evaluating the fulfilling of the promises made.  Fulfilling my campaign promises will be done with thought, discussion, and consideration for ALL Americans… yet not in a way as to delay their implementation any longer than prudence would suggest.

We will consider our role with Congress as being open and communicative at all times.. and I actually wish to engage Congress to enhance communication with those parts of rural America that feel disenfranchised and to work with members of Congress to try and help those Americans re-gain faith in their government.

We will not cater to the press… we will cater to all Americans, which includes members of the press.  But we will respect the press collectively for their role in a free democracy.  It will be my plan to actually develop an enhanced relationship with the press to encourage a two-way dialog at press conferences.  It will also be my plan to open a dialog with more Americans outside of Washington using social media.

Finally, the buck will always stop with me.  Things will not always run perfect, there will be errors.  No president or his administration is perfect.  No doubt unexpected outside forces and events will dictate how me or my administration will respond toward maintaining the health, safety, and welfare of all Americans… but rest assured I will be always aware of my responsibility to the American people and always ready to defend and protect our allies, our democracy and our nation… from all enemies, foreign and domestic.


Stay tuned for future policy statements.

11 thoughts on “IF I WERE PRESIDENT: My Platform

  1. You got my vote, Doug. Shame I will never be able to use it though.
    (Trouble is, you can have the most straight-up guy in the world sitting in the Oval Office, but does he ever really control anything?)
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Good point, Pete.. which leads me to the other feeling creeping into my aging brain… Trump’s staff is pushing Trump to get away from the White House, and Washington, giving him busy work like making dumb-ass speeches, holding ridiculous “campaign” rallies… while Bannon, et al, push their own agenda. We are all focused on Trump and his meanderings that we aren’t looking at what those behind the scenes are up to. Scary thought.

      • You need to take the focus off Trump, and try to find out what is being done by those who have the real power. Trump is an absolute gift, as far as they are concerned.
        Regards, Pete.

  2. Your proposed way of being president is probably the exact same most candidates wish for, dream for, hope for and then when elected they encounter (run into) the myriad differences in neurotic personalities that make up the reality of the other two branches of government and their best laid plans turn to crap as dysfunctionalism and obstructionism show themselves and begin the long and inevitable process of trying to destroy the newly elected president. So, while your suggested plan of actionm is entirely good and filled with admirable ideals, I think it would be totally impossible for any mere human being to put into action in the atmosphere that surrounds American Government in 2017. It’s almost like there is some dark force living somewhere in the government who says, “I don’t care who you are! If you have been elected president I am going to make sure you never ever get to do what presidents are supposed to do.”

  3. I like it….the problem with Congress is the partisan crap….the only way to break that is thru legislative blackmail…I know sounds harsh but is it if things get back on tract? Plus I would have a constant sign or whatever that traveled with me showing who was driving the campaign….kinda like the badges on NASCAR vehicles….I know sounds crazy but at least the voter would know who I answer to….I wish more of the politicians were serious about the running of this country and not driving some moronic party line….well done post my friend….chuq

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