Maybe We Need To Get Our Act Together On Affordable Health Care Before Passing It

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Press Secretary Spicer showing off size of smaller Republican plan.  You think there’s a reason the Obamacare stack is larger?

Yah think?

This is from New York magazine (so is the pic above)…

“Today was not a good day for the American Health Care Act. Almost no one enjoyed their first taste of the House GOP’s “Obamacare Lite.” The bill is too liberal for tea-party Republicans and interest groups; too regressive for moderate Republicans and Democrats; and too poorly thought-out for health-care wonks of all stripes.”

There’s many things Trump is not doing in the traditional way and one of them is trying to ram through Congress his campaign promises without thinking everything out first.  I mean, what’s the damn rush?  He’s gonna be president at least for the next four years.  Illegal aliens who want to rape, murder, sell drugs, take all our jobs, and suck up welfare bennies, are not rushing through the borders at any rate where we need to circle the wagons and think up last minute wall building and travel bans.  Let’s stop and plan this out and set priorities according to real numbers and facts.  What is the damn rush on replacing or fixing the health care system?  Hell, the republicans have sat on their collective asses about this for the last 8 years and now suddenly when Trump arrives on the scene we have to slap something together inside of 40 days?  I am NOT arguing the merits of repealing, replacing, rehabbing, whatever, Obamacare.  Yeah, it doesn’t work for all Americans so let’s fix it or replace it.  But let’s take some time to do this as correctly as we can.

Look, it’s turned into a political mumbo-jumbo and we don’t need that.  A number of republicans aren’t even in favor of the current plan being bantered about, likely because they are worried about keeping their seats in 18 months.  I am hearing that the democrats are disorganized following their losses in the election.  Well, it certainly appears the republicans are just free-flowing every which way because of Trump’s presidential irregularities.  Where’s their leadership?

Then you have a public that is wary and many are scared (not only about health care but also Trump himself).  It would be far better to take our time on this because if we don’t we are going to pay for this.. literally.. later.  This doesn’t mean we take a year diddling with this.. but.. someone has to do their homework working with the insurance providers, the medical field, the pharmaceutical companies, the public, and the Office of Management and Budget.


What seems to be the political dispute is the degree of government involvement.  Well, duh… we have over 300 million Americans and that is growing each year… and we honestly think government won’t be involved in healthcare?  How can government NOT be involved in health care.  You think insurance carriers, drug companies, the medical profession, are just going to disregard the fact that they are businesses that need to operate at a profit to satisfy investors (you and me through life insurance, 401k, retirement funds, that do market investing) and lower rates?

We need to accept that affordable healthcare is a necessity and is a priority.  What is NOT a priority is replacing Obamacare simply because Obama and the democrats had something to do with it… which is pretty much what the conservative right believes; hating anything liberal.  There is no way on this green planet that Trump has any idea what comprises health care or the mechanics.  In fact, the issue is so damn complex, which is my entire point here, that few people can put all this together.  The republicans are more concerned with replacing a democratic healthcare system with a republican health care system.  How about putting together a health system for America and all Americans and not according to party affiliation?

Here’s another problem.  All these damn Trumpian distractions popping up are just gobbling up congressional time and attention, which is another reason this “new” health care program is being shoved through.  All this has NOTHING to do with Trump-the-Almighty deal maker.  He has NO idea how to make political deals… or reaching political consensus.  He recently spoke of the republicans speaking out against the new plan that they better come around or there might be a bloodbath in the next election.  Well, duh.. I’m sure they are thinking if they don’t say something there will also be a bloodbath in the next election.  The republicans are organized?  I don’t think so.

The republican Congress is trying to slam this through in a political environment of chaos and confusion initiated by the administration.  Someone needs to put on the brakes and sort out this mess.

Carry on, America.

6 thoughts on “Maybe We Need To Get Our Act Together On Affordable Health Care Before Passing It

  1. This is a simple fix….Medicare for all! Does not benefit the wealthy or the party or whomever….the system is already there it would take very little to expand it for all. I want to see how much spine the GOP has in this case. Right now it is all theatrics but that accomplishes nothing except some sound bytes for someone’s next campaign ad….chuq

  2. Yeah… Medicare, Medicaid, VA/TriCare, Social Security Part A. B, C, D, E, F,… yada yada.. you’d think the nation would save trillions just by merging all that medical stuff together. Lately I’ve been seriously wondering if there isn’t a way to eliminate the VA medical facilities and pass it to public treatment.. the VA can then be administrative and regulatory.. but treatment is mainstream. The government should not be in the business of providing direct medical care to anyone.. that should be tossed to the public sector.

  3. From over here, we were shown Obamacare to be something like the NHS system in Britain. Then we were told it was ‘not allowed’ to work because the big US drug companies and other vested interests, like private hospital companies, would not make enough profit. Your complex healthcare system is somewhat baffling to us, to be honest.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. Baffling for us too, Pete. The primary concern is that we value free market.. which in turn feeds supply and demand… which then makes us CHOOSE to buy something or not based on personal preference or economic ability to do so. Yet when the population is compelled to purchase medical insurance in order to simply survive life’s maladies, the freedom to choose to buy it or not vanishes and suddenly becomes a moral requirement regardless of economic status. We are heading toward socialized medicine and this struggle we are having is all about holding that off for as long as we can.

  5. This “Rush” to get the thing passed reminds me of how the original Obama Care was also hurried through and few if any of the Congress People ever got to read the entire bill before passage. I guess this is how the government works when they want to shove something down people’s throats. We do not need to be in the business of providing health care through the government. We especially do not need to be in the business of subsidizing free loaders who have trained themselves to game the system.

  6. Actually, John, Obama took office Jan. 20, 2009 and Obamacare was signed into law March 23, 2010.. a little over a year later. By comparison we are only at day 48 in Trump’s term, albeit, it’s not yet law, and could still drag out for a year before something is passed.
    BUT… when the point where Obamacare was presented and until it was passed was a bit of a rush.. and it was so large some didn’t get to digest it in time to provide feedback.
    So we can say that Obama took time to create Obamacare and rushed to get it passed, where Trump is rushing to get it created and passed. Either way, the public is not be well served.

    I do not know any numbers indicating a percentage of freeloaders into Obamacare, although I would guess they would first have to define what a “freeloader” is. Although, I am not overly sure how Obamacare, or any affordable health program, is going to attract freeloaders, per se. It’s one thing to falsly represent one’s self into welfare for free bennies… but not sure what a freeloader would be getting, other than maybe free or reduced health care for not working or low income.

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