Thank You For Those Encouraging Tweets, Mr. President!


(Yes, thanks bigly.)

I mean, you might have said any one of the following…

  • “Hang in there with Obamacare, America. We will take the time to create a new plan for all Americans!”
  • “Let’s work together using Obamacare for now, and put together a new plan ALL Americans can afford.”
  • “It’s not really a setback but a re-alignment of our efforts to now take the time for an even better plan for ALL Americans!”
  • “We are Americans first and that means working together to create an even better plan! Looking forward to new opportunities with Congress!”

I object to you flipping the political middle finger to any Americans who disputes your policies.  Telling us in essence “You want your precious Obamacare then you can sink with it for all I care.”  F***k you, sir.  You obviously can’t lead.  Just leave.

The Oval Office, or even the floor of the House and Senate, is NOT a boardroom, Mr. President.  There is an old saying in life… “Either lead, follow, or get out of the way!”  I am guessing the latter is your best move.


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5 thoughts on “Thank You For Those Encouraging Tweets, Mr. President!

  1. Do you think that Trump himself is actually tweeting all this stuff? i wonder that he has the time. I assume that he has some ‘Twitterists’ in his employ, to keep churning this all out on a 24-hour basis.
    If it really is the man himself, then he should realise that the leader of the so-called Free World has to do more than work in short sentences.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Well, as is obvious, I think he tweets during his bathroom time.. unless he can’t sleep in the wee AM hours (it’s obvious he’s not having sex with his wife -which makes him more a fool, in my book- but I can certainly understand her reluctance. But you never know, Pete.
    Can I defect to England?

    • Um.. you read it correctly. I was speculating that given his propensity to tweet in the early morning hours. and his wife living out of town, that he was not awake obviously for nocturnal copulation but rather use of the rest room.

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