Trump Now Spilling Secrets To The Russians??



It’s being reported in a Washington Post article that during that meeting President (gawd) Trump had with with the Russian Foreign Minister, the Russian Ambassador to the U.S., and that Russian photographer from Tass (the only press allowed in the meeting), in the Oval Office, apparently revealed a “code word” secret regarding the airline laptop restriction situation.

To make matters worse, in an attempt to short circuit the accusation, White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster approached the press outside the White House and told the world that  “…at no time were sources or methods discussed…” at that meeting.  The Post article said nothing about Trump having revealed “sources and methods” but rather he flat out spilled a secret shared with the U.S. by an intelligence ally.  This sends a distinct signal to ALL our intelligence allies that the U.S. president and his administration can’t keep a secret.

As I have been saying.. WTF is going on in the White House???  Each week, if not each day, some stupid screw up from Trump hits the news.  Now he’s is screwing up with the reputation of our country.  When are these republicans going to wake up and think less of their idiotic “loyalty” to some sort of Trump’s bastardized republicanism because they finally have a congressional majority, and consider their pledge they all made to place their loyalty to the Constitution?  These guys are all going to loose their mid-term seats, and subsequently the majority.. and once that happens the Dems are going to have a wide open field toward impeachment.  The GOP should take an example the GOP members who sided to impeach Nixon, and ended up being political heroes in their own right.

There’s chaos in the White House and so far Congress hasn’t done a damn thing other than political vaselating… and this Russia-gate investigation is moving far too slowly.

Trump the Buffoon needs to be removed from office; how much more has to happen each week until Congress get’s their collectives asses in gear?

18 thoughts on “Trump Now Spilling Secrets To The Russians??

  1. It is amazing how much stupid can be brought forth each day….GOP will drag their feet until 2018….that way they will not have to make the hard choices…..chuq

  2. From the point of view of a complete outsider, I can see why Trump is retaining much of his support from the ‘ordinary voter’. They see themselves in him, He bumbles, makes mistakes, says and does outrageous things, and appears to barely manage to realise what’s going on.
    Just like most of the rest of us! 🙂
    Trouble is, he has arguably the most powerful position in the world.
    I am reminded of Emperor Nero, a fiddle, and a burning city…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Unfortunately for those who don’t know any better, President Trump is a lot more savvy and smart than those who do not like him want to give him credit for. He has been confounding his detractors every step of the way and he continues to do so even now.

  3. I really only read a few words into this post because of the fact — known to everybody — that Presidents have the power to declassify anything they want to declassify and if that isn’t enough to satisfy the Trump haters then consider this: All heads of state — especially heads of state cooperating in their efforts to defeat a common enemy — an enemy such as ISIS — are always exchanging information that each other might find beneficial in their common effort … this is not Trump-Centric — this has been going on since the earliest days of the Republic. Besides which these claims are fear-mongering, Trump-Hating propaganda probably fabricated by PR types who don’t have the first clue as to what International Relationships and Intrigues really encompasses … a really lame and totally obvious attempt to smear the President even more than his detractors have already done.

    • Good point! Some of the news paper articles I referenced in my own post made the same point.

      When Trump negotiates with Putin’s Russia, he has a choice of keeping our current adversarial relationship or encouraging a cooperative relationship. If Russia sees no advantages in cooperating, they won’t. So long as Russia sees no point in cooperating, that nation will continue to threaten its neighbors.

    • Absolutely the President can reveal any secrets to anyone. BUT… it’s generally discussed with the intel services in advance because revealing such secrets can have devastating affects elsewhere. Apparently Trump’s “spilling the beans” was, in fact, not the result of some grand strategy in chatting with the Russians formulated by the so-called Trump “team”. This was the usual Trump bravado in bragging to the Russians about how good American intel is compared to the world. Secondly, the alleged leak that brought all this into the news was from an intel staffer providing a heads up to the CIA and NSA. The secret was provided by a another country (now identified as Israel) and there was no discussion with Israel on whether that intel could be divulged to Russia, as per cooperative agreement. The Trump “team” was never consulted to formulate what Trump might divulge to the Russians for strategic impact. This was yet again Trump “winging it” and in this case has made our allies skittish on sharing intel with us now.

    • Yeah.. in the middle of moving across town… tore down all the electronic toys and such. Taking about a month to get everything relocated. For now, working off a laptop and putzing with the occasional reply until I get things set up again. Hoping within the next two weeks.
      Thx for asking.

      • Well — I have become accustomed to your blog and if something happened I would miss it. So is everything else alright with you? I hope so. Me? Just a few allergies — nasal spray and all that …never had allergies in my life! By the way — while you are here — can you look at my blog ( and tell me if you can tell whether the typeface, “Georgia” is being displayed on the main post body? I tried to change it and am hoping it is working. The Georgia font looks like this: If you can take a look and let me know I will appreciate it a lot.

        • Ok.. I certainly see what looks like the Georgia font has been set just fine, John.

  4. Well, thanks for asking, John. Just a move across town. I’ve been keeping up with your ups and downs, albeit I don’t reply to them all. Yes… I acquired the damn allergies a couple decades ago.. and fall and spring nasal spray and kleenex… a real pain in the ass (even though it’s in the sinus).
    I had my left cataract removed and I see great. The right one is in two weeks. Amazing what it’s like to be able to see where I pee again. 🙂

    • Thank you Doug. I appreciate your help. You mentioned that you were working security and I want you to be very careful because it is getting dangerous out there. Remember the first General Order: “I will walk my post in a military manner, keeping always on the alert and observing everything that takes place within my sight or hearing.”

  5. Yes.. I recall the general orders from basic training… and that’s good advice for sure. In Vegas we wore suit & tie.. and communicated via “secret service” radios. Here I wear a uniform and I feel like a damn target… and no radios But thanks for your concern, sir.

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